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Caffitaly Ecaffe Capsules PREZIOSO by De Brewerz


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Caffitaly Ecaffe Capsules PREZIOSO by De Brewerz

Espresso made from pure Arabica with the full flavour of Central-South American coffee. It has a pleasant and balanced richness of aromas. To be enjoyed throughout the day, thanks to its low caffeine content.   Recommended cup quantity: 25-30 ml

Flavour Strength:3

Order Contains : 100 capsules

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Caffitaly Ecaffe Capsules CORPOSO by De Brewerz

The Caffitaly system’s advantages

Easy, Fast and Handy

Easy: A simple touch produces a well made espresso in just a few seconds.

Fast: The air-tight, hygienic capsule is always ready for use.

Handy: The packaging is very light and compact.

The combined system : Years of research and development have allowed us to develop the Caffitaly System: a combined system consisting of machines and capsules whose components are protected by international patents. These patents guarantee the company and its partners a unique and reliable system and provide the necessary tools to achieve success in their respective markets.

The capsule : Each Caffitaly System capsule contains 8 grams of pure ground coffee, which is the perfect amount of coffee in order to preserve the flavour and aroma of all blends and employ the technology of the system in the best way.

Coffee extraction occurs by passing water at high pressure through an upper filter, uniformly infusing every single coffee grain, then through a bottom filter, resulting in a strong espresso with an intense aroma, covered by a thick, rich cream.

The capsule structure : The top film and capsule body are made up of 3 different layers to keep the capsule air-tight and protect the coffee inside against oxygen, maintaining its fresh aroma.


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