Journey from Struggle to Success to Excellence…

De Brewerz is actually created by two so called ambitious people (family says strugglers till date) and they are Mr. Hubby and Mrs. Wifey. Something on their own words about their journey till now. However nobody comes and interviews them but their script is always ready and as mentioned:

Hubby Says: I tried to become India’s youngest businessman (being gujju) but unfortunately I reached 30+ (though I always look younger than my age). After completing my mechanical engineering I tried to be loyal to machineries but nobody wanted me in their manufacturing units (God knows why). I do not think I was that dumb. One day God proposed and landed me into struggling beverage (honestly a coffee) company where only two people were working. One was the owner and the other bechara was me. I tried to be loyal there for few years with him and settled down his business very well. But then I realized that I am born to be a conqueror. Though nobody believes the same. To avoid fights with wifey we sat down to discuss business possibilities (at least) between us. However we both agreed first and last time on a same point and the journey DE BREWERZ started….

WARNING: Please do not change to next page. Journey Wifey is continued and she is an egoist. Do not ignore her story.

Wifey Says: I am a credit hungry and fame crazy person. With no mission and no vision in mind I tried my hands on with many MNCs and corporate houses. After leaving everybody frustrated I thought to relax one day. Then I saw that hubby is doing pretty well (obviously with my back end support all the time). I found that he gets all the credits (though with my back end support). By now you all know how fame crazy I am and there is no point on lying to you, how I can leave my share of credits to hubby. Then was a time when I ought to jump and be co-owner of DE BREWERZ.

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